Minecraft Seed for XBOX #1


The Minecraft XBOX edition was released in May 9, 2012 right after development by 4J game studio. Minecraft was released on the Xbox Live Arcade for $19.99 and there was also a trial version available, but you can easily download the Full minecraft for xbox 360 and xbox one absolutely for free here. There are a few differences from the Minecraft PC version, since the Xbox 360 input is different. These differences include an easier to use crafting system, in-game tutorials, split-screen multiplayer, and an up to eight player multiplayer online.

Minecraft Seed [XBOX] -1763857877073745322 

This seed includes all biomes, has several rivers, and pleasant mountain formations...

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Download Minecraft Xbox Edition for Free [360, One]

minecraft xbox

Minecraft Xbox Edition (or Xbox 360 edition) – version of the game, ported to run on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, announced at the E3 gaming Notch and Microsoft.

Purpose and gameplay

Download Minecraft Xbox EditionThe aim of the game is the same as that of the PC version – the player is allowed to build in free design and in a fully open and free for research gaming world. Minecraft for xbox is much better than a version for PC.

The main change compared to the PC version – changed craft box. It represents a comprehensive list of items available for crafting, you need only select the desired item, and if there are all the necessary components, the object is moved in inventory.

Differences with the PC version

  • Altered production of things ( craft ) . In crafting the menu items will be listed and the number of resources.
  • Lim...
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Start Playing Minecraft Now! Download it For Free! Latest Version! Download Minecraft 1.7.2


Download Minecraft 1.7.2

Minecraft – unique of its kind of a game in the genre of sandbox. The game is regularly updated and is just beautiful. Creator of the game – the Swede Marcus Perrson that the game world is known as Notch. At this point, the game is already out of the state of the beta, November 17, 2011 came full official version of Minecraft 1.00. The game has 3 modes:


Survival – this is a common survival game, the player builds, develops, and plays for fun. Furthermore, Survival exists multiplayer embodiment (Survival multiplayer). There’s a game to conquer the world, several miners.
Creative (Classic) – this mode has been implemented very first. Here There is no craft items, the player is immortal in its inventory are endless blocks. Suitable for builders.
Hardcore – a very co...

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